Racing Lotto

Friday June, 30 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Prior to start of the evening card, 8 guests will be selected for races 1-6 that evening.  At the conclusion of race 6, 8 new guests will be drawn for races 7-12.  At the conclusion of race 12, 8 more guests will be drawn for races 13-18.  Each guest would reach into a bag and select a chip that correlates with the Dogs Number.  The dog / guest that wins the race will receive a $50/$25/$10 based on win, place or show.  First drawing to take place at 7:15pm prior to 7:30pm start time.  $10 wager = 1 entry .  Entries to be given out by mutual lines every Friday in June at both matiness and evening races.

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